The Birth of Lorna Raye

The Birth of Lorna Raye

I woke at eight on Sunday 22nd September, intending to get ready for church. But a phone call almost immediately after I woke indicated that the day was going to go very differently! Finally Baby Girl Ragbir was on her way! Jess felt I had a little bit of time, but I knew things could move fairly quickly with a third baby. So I had a super quick shower, bolted down some breakfast, and headed out the door!

I arrived at the hospital before Jess, and got a chance to meet and chat to Midwife M and Midwifery Student N. Jess, her hubby Ron, and her mum Deb arrived a little while later. After a shaky start finding common ground about how things were going to go, Jess and her team got to the business of the final stages of her labour.

The surges were coming thick and fast, and Ron and Deb took turns massaging Jess’ back. Jess had been six centimeters dilated when she first arrived, but within a very short amount of time was saying she was starting to feel like pushing. This was the same as her second baby, and Midwife M encouraged her to go with it and listen to her body.

Jess asked for the gas and air, for some pain relief, and very shortly after this her membranes ruptured. Midwife M had Jess pop on her back so that she could check her, and sure enough she was fully dilated and ready to go!

After less than twenty minutes of pushing, little Lorna Raye was born at 10:16am! With a splash of hind waters and a nuchal cord, she was delivered onto Jess’ chest by Student Midwife N. Straight away we all spotted that she had loads of dark hair and looked just her biggest brother, Archer. She was super alert and looking all around from the moment she was born.

A very relieved Jess then breastfed her brand new baby girl, as Ron showed her off to his mum in Trinidad over Facetime. With Deb close-by, admiring her newest grandchild. Lorna was weighed and measured – weighing 3700 grams, 51 cm long, and 34cm head circumference. And we all got to have a cuddle.

Unfortunately Jess had to go to theatre to have her placenta removed, as it wouldn’t come away by itself. I went away and then came back to capture Lorna’s older brothers meeting her for the first time. But that is another story!

Beck Newell – Birth Photographer, Adelaide.

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  1. Betsa says:

    Wow speechless!!! Beautiful birth story!!! You are a super mom Jess!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Lot’s of love to your family.

  2. Jody Ann says:

    Congratulations to you both and your beautiful daughter Virgo baby like me yay !!big hugs and kisses from
    Trinidad 🇹🇹

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