Jessica Maternity Session

Jessica Maternity Session

A treasured client-turned friend booked me to photograph her September birth, and I was beyond excited. Included in my birth package is a maternity session, but Jess wasn’t too keen on it. This being her third baby, she didn’t feel like doing a gown on the beach session, so I suggested a nice relaxed session at home with her boys. Then she had the idea of having the session when her midwife visited. So we did that, and it worked out beautifully.

Nikita is a privately practicing midwife who provides continuity of care for women. She sees women in their own homes for their own comfort and ease, especially with other siblings, and it becomes a family appointment. Nikita helps mums feel empowered and informed about how to achieve the birth they want. She is able to see women for a one off appointment on top of their original maternity care model or she can provide comprehensive pregnancy care paired with birthing in a public hospital.

Continuity of care with a known midwife has been proven over and over again to be the gold standard of care and associated with better outcomes for mum and baby. Nikita provides this service and supports mums through the whole cycle from pregnancy to parenthood. Her services are able to be claimed through Medicare and payment plans are available to help make this care accessible to all.

You can find Nikita on her Facebook page at Embrace Midwifery and Breastfeeding Services, and if you’re interested in a relaxed in-home maternity session with me head to my contact page to enquire :-).

Beck Newell, Birth Photographer – Adelaide.

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