Meet the Photographer

I am a married mother of four and grandmother of one. Photography is my absolute passion, and I live and breath it every day. I love to capture people’s stories, and produce beautiful natural images for them. And I drive my family crazy at home, capturing our story too!

My love of photography began when I was just eight years old, when my mother gave me a point and shoot 35mm camera to take when I went to stay with my Grand Aunt. I photographed all sorts of things, and my Grand Aunt taught me that when I was photographing people they don’t need to always be looking at the camera smiling. They can actually be DOING something! So my love of candid photography was born.

As a teenager I used to borrow my father’s Praktica SLR film camera, and take photographs of my friends. I became known as the one who always had a camera in her hand. Then when I started a family I took hundreds of photographs of my own children as they grew. I love to look back at these photographs and enjoy the memories over and over again. It’s amazing how special those little snap shots of frozen time can be.

Fast forward to today, and I feel so blessed to be running my own business and doing what I love as a career. Being welcomed into people’s homes, their birthing spaces, or them coming to me and trusting me to capture their memories – it’s the greatest and most precious thing in the world to me.

Photography is my full-time career. I am always working on something photography-related, whether it be shooting a session, capturing a birth, editing photographs, studying to improve my skill set, updating my social media and website, communicating with clients, working on personal photography projects, and all of the behind the scenes activities that go into running a photography business. I am always striving to improve the level of service and finished product I produce for my clients.

My clients describe me as professional, warm, approachable, friendly, and easy-going. They say that my sessions are fun, relaxed and enjoyable, and that I put them at ease and have lots of patience with their little ones. They also express that I am flexible and accommodating, and allow them to have plenty of input into their sessions. And they love their photos!

I would love nothing more than to talk to you about how I can create a unique photographic experience for you and your family, that expresses who you are in beautiful natural photographs.

Beck xx

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Cover photo credit: PaulMac Photography – I highly recommend Paul for gorgeous engagement and wedding photography.