Top Reasons to have a Family Film Session in 2020

Top Reasons to have a Family Film Session in 2020

If you’ve grown up with family movies, then you will understand the wonderful feeling of looking back at memories captured in moving pictures. There is another level of nostalgia that is brought about when watching video or film, versus looking back through old photographs. If you’re like me, and don’t have family movies to look back at, then you’ve probably seen a friend’s or longingly watched them on TV shows or movies. And thought about how wonderful it would be to have your memories captured in that way.

Family Film Sessions are a new concept here in Adelaide and there are only a select few people, including myself, creating them. Videography for weddings has been around for many years. But the idea of spending a few hours capturing a family, in their home environment, just doing the things they do together on a normal day at home is new. And the following are some reasons why you should think about having one of these sessions yourself.

Your kids are only the size they are right now

I know that might sound kind of obvious, but your kids are only going to get bigger and more grown up from today onwards. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture them as they are right now? For example, a client I have booked in for January has a five year old. Her little one is off to school next year, so these holidays are the last of their kind before she goes off to be a big school girl. It’s a time of a great transition for a little one, and having the memories of before that change, to look back on, will be absolutely priceless.

This same thing could apply across all different ages. You may have just had a new baby (or have one on the way), and want to capture those precious early days at home with your new family member. You might want to capture your time at home with your little one before you return to work. It might be that your little person has just started to walk, and reach some other developmental milestones, and you want to capture them while they’re in-between babyhood and toddler-hood. Your eldest night be off to high school next year, and you might like to capture your family before the teen years hit! Or you might have one about to fly the nest, and want to capture life as a complete family before everyone starts to go off and do their own thing. These films can be a wonderful way to capture any of these things, or anything in-between!

The things they are doing now won’t be forever

Kids change their focus on things so suddenly, and something that was an absolute fascination last week will be a distant memory in a month or two. Unless we have something to remind us, sometimes those things that were really special get forgotten. At the moment our youngest loves playing with dress ups. Every day she will put together weird and wonderful outfits, and parade around the house. I make sure to take photos and video of her doing this, because I know in a year or so (maybe even sooner) she will move on to the next thing. When I very first started doing this type of family film, I practiced on her while she played with ponies. It was her obsession at the time, but now they stay packed away. Luckily I have that beautiful little movie to look back on to remember how much she loved them once.

It’s important to capture the small stuff

It’s the little stuff, that we don’t normally capture, that gets forgotten over time. The way your little one has to stand on a stool at the kitchen bench while they “help” you make smoothies, cuddling up together to read a story, sitting out on the deck eating ice creams, running under the sprinkler, little legs swinging under chairs because their feet don’t touch the ground, chubby hands holding crayons while they draw something you can’t decipher…I’m actually getting teary writing this, because most of my four kids are past these stages. These are the things that make up a family, and you don’t get these little moments back once they grow out of it. How precious to have that togetherness, and just being who you all are as a family, captured in film.

Having a professional do this does make a difference

Everyone has a phone these days with a camera, and some of them take pretty cool video too. With editing software, you could put something together yourself, so why hire a professional? Firstly, you won’t be in it if you film it! I know some mums would prefer that, but I really believe it’s important for us to exist in photos and videos for our kids (but that’s a whole separate blog post!). When they go searching for you in photos and videos they need to see that you were included too. And these Family Films are a beautiful way of doing that, while you are just being yourself and not having to think about posing. I am also trained specifically in creating these hand crafted films, and have experience with families of all different sizes and stages of life. I’ve learnt how to capture the moments, and weave them together into a unique story about your family as you are right now.

I’m running a Family Film special in January that lasts the whole year

If you keep your eye out on my Facebook page on the third of January, I am running a special on Family Film Sessions that will be a massive saving. This will be available until the end of January, and apply for the whole of 2020 (as in make your booking in January for the rest of the year). But this special will NOT be repeated, and spaces are limited to two per month. So they are bound to fill up fast.

Click here to see some examples of complete Family Films. Email me at [email protected] if you would like to hold a Family Film spot before the special is released. And keep your eyes on my Facebook page for the Twelve Days of Christmas specials from 26th December to the 6th January (the Family Film special will be on the 3rd January).

Beck Newell – Family Filmmaker

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