Day of Birth Stories

Day of Birth Stories

I am contacted quite often by mums who are having scheduled c-sections, who are wanting their births captured. But they are always disappointed when I have to let them know, that in most circumstances in the public system photographers are not allowed in theatre. I always follow that up by telling them that there is still a story to be told, in beautiful photographs, of the day their baby is born. Even if I physically can’t be there for the moment of birth.

This Day of Birth Story that I captured two years ago today, is a perfect example. There is so much wonderful story to capture before the parents go to theatre – from the banter back and forth between them, to the preparation of mum for surgery. Little details, like the last shot of her pregnant belly before baby is born. The nerves, tension and excitement as the time draws near.

And of course after baby arrives, there are all of the usual cuddles and tears of happiness. After a c-section, the dad often dresses and wraps baby while mum recovers, which is beautiful to capture – whether he is a new dad finding his way with it for the first time, or an experienced father refreshing himself on dressing a tiny human again.

The added bonus then, because c-sections are quite quick, is that I can then stay to capture your family arriving to meet the baby. This could be grandparents, or it could also be older siblings of the brand new baby – ready to meet their tiny new family member for the very first time. This is where my documentary style of capturing the moment helps, because I’m able to photograph them from afar and not interfere with these first moments.

Once everything has settled, we can also then get some smiling for the camera shots, if that’s what you would like.

A very happy second birthday to little Alistair for today, I hope you had a beautiful day with your wonderful family <3.

Beck Newell – Birth Photographer, Adelaide.

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